Glass Stair Railing Installation In Michigan

Glass Stair Railing-Installation

Glass Railing Installation

Designs in Glass has been one of the leading companies for glass railings in Michigan for decades. Whether for your home or a business, you’ll be making quite an impressive statement with a clean, contemporary looking glass railing system from Designs In Glass. Along with ultra-stylish looks, a glass stair railing or glass handrail can offer unobstructed views, protection from weather, work as a preventative fall safety measure, and can also work as a separation barrier or partition when needed.

Custom-Built Glass Railings

Regardless of whether it’s a glass stair railing or a glass balcony railing for an indoor or outdoor area, we have the experience and know-how to make your project truly come to life, and express the value you place in your work or home dwelling. Sometimes simply installing a glass staircase railing and allowing more light to shine in can both beautify the walkways and increase visibility, which means increased safety for you, and the general public. We’ve got plenty of experience in providing glass handrails for anything from a straight, or ‘L’-shaped staircase, to a spiral staircase with a high-degree of detail, our glass stair railing design solutions have worked for a countless number of clients, and they can work for you too.

Stylistic Expression

Expressing your personal style is everything when it comes to design. That said, we’ve noticed minimalism is back, and very popular. A frameless glass railing can be perfect for a seamless, minimalistic aesthetic. Whether it’s for a pool, a windy area, or a balcony overlooking your living space, a frameless glass railing will increase visibility, safety, and look incredible. If you can dream it regarding glass railings or balcony glass railings, we can help design and install even the most difficult project.

Return Investment

Not only will our work look great, but investing in a glass railing system for your home or business can increase the overall value immensely. Glass stair railings and other glass handrails are built to last. When properly installed and maintained, the life of your glass railing can factor in later on, when it comes to moving, or reselling your property.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

If you have an idea regarding the glass railing system you prefer, we can install it. If you’re sure you want glass railing installation, but aren’t sure of the details, we can help there too. Whether it’s glass panel railings for stairs, or enclosures for balconies, public areas, or rooftops, Designs in Glass can help with your dream project. With over 30 years of experience with glass railing installation, our professionals can design and install a glass railing system to match your budget, time frame, and lifestyle. We start every project with a professional free quote based on the plans we discuss and the sort of glass railings you’re interested in. We’ve completed a job only after you’re satisfied with our work.

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